01st Mar 2009

Naomi Russell at Barefoot Confidential

I’ve never really been interested in getting a footjob, but if Naomi Russell offered me one I’d sure as hell take it! A little footjob action before I fuck her in the ass, that doesn’t sound so bad actually!

Naomi Russell wears a tight little top and skimpy thong that fits her ass very well. After displaying her juicy ass for a while she takes off her small piece of clothing and lets her feet get busy! She grips the cock between her feet and jerks it, almost as she would do with her hands. Seeing that stiff cock makes her so horny so it doesn’t take long before that cock finds it way up her arse!

Naomi Russell in a superhot outfit.

I didn’t notice before now that Naomi Russell was wearing a matching thong and top!

Naomi Russell teases with her supreme ass.

Naomi Russell’s big ass in thong.. even the pillow is matching her underwear!

Naomi Russell completely nekkid.

Naomi Russell’s naked frontside.

Naomi Russell gets on with the footjob!

Naomi Russell is always up for a good assramming and here she goes again..

Naomi Russell jams a large penis up her asshole.

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