21st Oct 2008

Naomi Russell assfucking

You can tell by the looks of Naomi Russell how horny she is in this scene, she is sooo eager to get that big cock jammed up her anal opening! She shows us that bubbly booty in a thong and then we get to se her naked on all four on the couch with her ass up in the air.

A guy enters the room with a stiff dick which Naomi Russell puts in her mouth and starts sucking. She get’s it all wet before she inserts it into her pussy as foreplay, before she get what she came for; the analfucking!

Naomi Russell’s bubblebutt in thong.

Naomi Russell flawless ass in a sexy thong.

Naomi Russell topless, pulling her thong off.

Superhorny Naomi Russell plays with her pussy on the couch.

Naomi Russell’s big ass in all it’s glory.

Naomi Russell back in her underwear :-p With a big cock in her mouth!

Naomi Russell rides cock in cowgirl position on the sofa.

Naomi Russell gets pounded doggystyle! That juicy ass is a great sight..

Naomi Russell is finally assfucked by his big cock!

Closeup shot of Naomi Russell’s asshole getting penetrated!

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  1. sindy Says:

    I love naomi russell and like her ass soooooo much

  2. lakanesha Says:

    Naomi seems to love buttfucking so much.She is truly addicted to it.I`ve been told by several girls in the industry that anal is almost like a high from drugs.

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